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Legibility at a Glance

During a time of rapid digital transformation in almost every industry, the ways in which we search for visual information and perform the simple act of reading are changing in fundamental ways. Modern typography is becoming dense, dynamic, and glance-oriented.

Several years ago, Monotype and the MIT AgeLab set out to discover how glance-based legibility might impact the user experience in different digital environments.

Whether designing for a vehicle screen, a smartphone, a wearable, or an advertisement, this body of work has the potential to provide designers with actionable information, a data-driven way of balancing the ongoing trade-offs between what might be “absolutely” legible and what a given brand or design requires.

The latest research includes:

  • “An Evaluation of Typeface Design in a Text-Rich Automotive User Interface”
  • “Revealing Differences in Legibility Between Typefaces Using Psychophysical Techniques: Implications for Glance Time and Cognitive Processing”
  • “An Exploratory Psychophysical Investigation of the Relative Glance Legibility of Chinese Typefaces”