An all-in-one solution for font discovery, expertise, collaboration and management

Mosaic™ gives your designers the type discovery tools and design assets they need to deliver the high-quality experience your customers expect, with type that renders clearly and consistently across multiple devices, geographical regions, and a wide range of languages.

New to Mosaic:

  • Upload third party fonts from MyFonts,, and other non-Mosaic sources (if your license agreement allows it and subject to any usage restrictions).

  • At the click of a button, get instant access to work with fonts in your design tools with our new Desktop App for Mac and Windows. 

Design freedom: Open a world of creativity with Monotype’s unparalleled inventory of fonts, unlimited prototyping capabilities, easy-to-use collaboration and font sharing tools, advanced discovery tools and unmatched type expertise.

Simplified design workflows: Collaborate with stakeholders through shared font sets and web projects, get one-click font access with our desktop app, and enhance web performance with our font-subsetting tools.

Font access and distribution, made easy: Discover fonts, manage users and rights, and upload external third party fonts from a single, central location

Enterprise access and support: Ensure everyone on your team has access to the fonts they need, whenever they need them. Mosaic provides broad distribution rights across multiple use cases and customer experiences, so your organization is covered with the licensing it needs plus in-product and priority support to ease deployment across teams.